Leah's story of skepticismThe skepticism rattling around my brain almost caused me to beat feet back to my car and dive back into my life as Ive always known it.  Back to this life, my one life, where stress and it’s baggage of exhaustion, depression, fear and anxiety had burrowed a hole into my once optimistic heart.

My relief with a  glass or three of wine chased by Lunesta each night was a thin mirage, and I lacked the Higher Power that others prayed to. My agnosticism rimmed with atheism was hard fought after years of exploration in churches of fire and brimstone or even worse, judgement veiled by kindness. I didn’t believe that any higher power could orchestrate my life better than me. Skepticism ruled.

Yet, I was walking into an office that offered Reiki and energy healing seeking help for my scattered mind. I figured that if it was real it would be real regardless of what I believed. My rational brain said that invisible gravity and solar radiation existed and was powerful regardless of my belief or understanding.  Perhaps Reiki was like this.

Doubtful, I decided to keep silent about the sore throat and swollen glands troubling me. These were bona fide physical symptoms I felt were outside any “woo woo” practitioner’s scope, and I smugly felt they were my secret little litmus test.

I was surprised to see how normal she was. No gauzy hippie skirt, flowing hair or bangles and bracelets.  She was cute. Trendy even, and she seemed genuinely compassionate.  I was still game, so I laid down on her table and she covered me with warm blankets.

What followed was an unforgettable experience. Relaxation so profound it changed me forever. As with most profound experiences, describing it can sound cheesy, but its accurate to say that instead of me breathing of my own volition, it felt as though I was being breathed.  The breath was not just filling my lungs, but my whole upper torso. My whole trunk was rising and expanding so unnaturally high the thought occurred to me that I was going to bust right out of my skivvies. To  my amazement, this breathing lasted a delightfully long time, and I was surprised a whole hour had passed.

The practitioner, used to people having unique and profound experiences, was not surprised.  And yes, she had definitely noticed how high my chest and stomach had risen. She explained energy healing work to me and confirmed that it was possible to learn these techniques and even to use them for self- treatment.

I felt restored and my swollen glands and sore throat were totally gone. This sense of being deeply relaxed yet unusually present in the world lasted for many days, and I was awestruck by the fact that my breath had been so expansive. Encouraged and curious, I started reading about energy healing work and enrolled in Reiki classes so that I could treat myself.

It worked.  The Lunesta is gone, and wine is rare. Even better, the anxiety and fear that drove me for years is firmly in the back seat.

Because of my great personal success with Reiki energy and its ever deepening gifts, I decided to become a practitioner. After years of being on the frontline of our failing healthcare system  as a Registered Nurse, this noninvasive method of tapping into our body’s own healing ability, just makes so much sense. Will you join me?

Reiki Renew - Leah averett's Story