Reiki treatments benefit

Reiki treatments benefit everyone, young and old. Everyone and anyone can learn Reiki for self-healing or they can learn Reiki to help others experience the benefits. You will find a large variety of students in every class should you decide to take them.

Students include:

Healthcare professionals- nurses, doctors, occupational health therapists, physical therapists, nursing assistants.
Natural healers- massage therapists, acupuncturists,  and shaman.
Those that want to treat themselves, their family and friends.
People wanting to treat beloved animals.
Those looking for nontraditional tools for health.
Those wanting to help individuals with end of life care.
The curious, those that seek to expand their horizons.
Spiritual seekers desiring new paths of expansion.

Every possible spiritual background participates; New Age Metaphysician, Christian fundamentalist, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, devout Catholic, Native American, Eastern Philosophies, and everything in between.

Please call for individual classes if you would like a more intimate learning environment.


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