Reiki Studio

“Safe, gentle, non-invasive”

Reiki sessions are 35$ for 30 min and 65$ for a hour. I have a comfortable office in downtown Gresham for treatments on the weekends, and see clients in my home after 6:30pm weekdays.  If you need me to come to your home, please call me and we will set up a time (fees vary).

  • Each session feel free to ask any questions you may have about Reiki. We can go over your expectations and intentions for the session and discuss areas in which you would like specific focus. I want you to feel safe and comfortable knowing that Reiki works for your highest good.
  • During the Reiki treatment you remain fully clothed and relaxed on a cushioned table while I use light hands-on and slightly above body hand positions to channel the energy.  I will use a combination of intuitive  and traditional hand placements where my hands will rest for several minutes at specific positions on your head, upper chest, abdomen and legs, and also specific areas in need allowing the energy to flow. Every cell of your body will benefit even though focus is given to the major organs and energy pathways. 
  • Because Reiki is energetic and there is no manipulation of the body, I can give your Reiki sessions completely hands-off if you suffer from chronic pain or have sensitivity to being touched. Also, since it is so adaptable, Reiki can also be given in any setting such as a chair or hospital bed.
  • Reiki treatments are experienced differently by each person, and as you absorb the Reiki energy according to your need it will treat your whole being – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and empower your authentic self.
  • Reiki produces many effects, including relaxation and a feeling of peace, security, and well-being flowing in and around your body. After each treatment most people feel less tense, more wakeful, present and connected and experience better sleep.