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I believe that when the student is ready the right teacher will appear. I offer a supportive, encouraging atmosphere for learning that includes lecture, discussion and plenty of hands on practice.  Please call or email me if you have questions that are unanswered below.

february, 2018

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Reiki classes are offered several times a year. My next class will be Nov 21st 22nd- Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2 : The cost is 250$ and includes both days.   Please use arrow buttons on calendar above to see details. 

Reiki I & II class content will cover the following:

  • You will receive an in depth manual written by Willam Lee Rand based on quality research into the history and practice of Reiki. This includes the use of verifiable facts from reputable sources and information from the five Reiki masters William has studied with along with his twenty + years experience as a Reiki practitioner and teacher.
  • You will learn several ways to use this healing energy to benefit yourself and others including learning the traditional  and intuitive hand placement  and scanning the body (Byosen Scanning) for areas that need treating.
  • You will learn to activate the Reiki symbols that act as keys to bring health and well being.
  • In the process of learning the healing techniques, the attunements and the guided meditations students receive personal healing expereinces.During class, there is plenty of time for hands on practice with the three symbols you will be learning to use. I set aside 2 hours over the suggested amount of time for each class so that there is plenty of practice so you will feel more comfortable using Reiki when classes are complete. Reiki I is 7 hrs and Reiki II is also 7 hours.
  • You will receive a beautiful Reiki Membership Association (RMA) certificate that will be suitable for framing.
  • There are no qualifications for training, and you may work on friends and family or open your own practice after Reiki I & II are completed.
  • You are free to take notes during class or use a recorder.