There is a deeper explanation for the way Reiki works. The cells in our wonderfully complex bodies are continuously renewed, charged and balanced by innate energy pathways. This Primal Life energy creates an electromagnetic field that gives our heart its rhythm and flows to all our organs. These electrical currents can actually be measured,  (EKG, EEG etc.) and every organ has specific electromagnetic frequencies pulsating through it. Amazingly, the electro-magnetic field of the human heart  is detectable by modern scientific instruments as far as a few meters away.

We are naturally energetic beings, and diseases and other conditions can be  rooted in these blocked energy systems. Well-being and good health result from an open flow of this bio-energy.

Reiki Healing Energy works through the process of magnetic induction and pulsates through a practitioners hands to help bring the body’s natural self- healing energy centers into alignment. Think about the intrinsic healing of a cut on your finger. Reiki taps into this rejuvenating and restorative truth. The Reiki practitioner is a clear vessel for this energy flow.

American medicine has no name for this wonderful vital essence of life. Consequently, it is poorly understood and minimally researched.  In Japan it is called ki, and is recognized as the higher universal intelligence  or force that drives everything. That force includes plants, animals, and earth elements such as sunlight and ocean currents. In China it is known as chi, and  because of its value they have studied it for thousands of years. They identify 32 different types of Chi.

Interestingly, there are over 25 different names that other cultures around the world use to describe this “bio-energy.” As yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other alternative treatments gain popularity, we can see that Western culture is beginning to appreciate this vital force.

Deeper Explanation of Reiki