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The cells in our wonderfully complex bodies are continuously renewed, charged and balanced by innate energy pathways. This Primal Life energy creates an electromagnetic field that gives our heart its rhythm and flows to all our organs. These electrical currents can actually be measured,  (EKG, EEG etc.) and every organ has specific electromagnetic frequencies pulsating through it. Amazingly, the electro-magnetic field of the human heart  is detectable by modern scientific instruments as far as a few meters away.

We are naturally energetic beings, and diseases and other conditions can be  rooted in these blocked energy systems. Well-being and good health result from an open flow of this bio-energy.

Reiki Healing Energy works through the process of magnetic induction and pulsates through a practitioners hands to help bring the body’s natural self- healing energy centers into alignment. Think about the intrinsic healing of a cut on your finger. Reiki taps into this rejuvenating and restorative truth, and a practitioner is a clear vessel for this energy flow.

Reiki (Ray-key) channels the energy from all around us, and sends it through us to break up energetic blocks formed from physical, emotional or spiritual stresses or traumas. This restores the flow of energy, and our natural state of health. Vitality and peace of mind return.

Clients describe

Restored optimism
Sense of being present with increased clarity
Feeling of being more connected to those around them
A peaceful feeling that everything will work out
Profound relaxation, less stressed and tense
Empowerment of authentic self


Reiki can be practiced simply and easily in your daily life.
Reiki training can be appropriate for people of all walks of life.

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Reiki is used to treat

Pain reduction and fatigue
Chemotherapy side effects
Pre & post surgery to reduce recovery time and post-op pain
Post traumatic stress disorder,
Depression, anxiety
Living with chronic conditions
End of life care
Self treatments after learning Reiki
Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing
Trauma, abuse
and many more

It is not necessary to believe that Reiki will work for it to be successful.

Meet Leah

Leah Averett R.N.

Working in the medical industry for over 25 years as a nurse, Leah always felt there was a more holistic way to help people. Too often, the business side of health care seemed be at odds with helping a person achieve true health.  She wanted to provide for her three children, Lucas, Daniel and Miriah, so she stayed in the system attempting to find a better path by exploring the many different areas within  the field – cardiac, post-operative, home health, dialysis to name a few. Like many nurses she knows, the high stress workplaces and discontent slowly depleted her. So, despite extreme skepticism she decided to give Reiki a try and had one of the most profound experiences of her life.

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